Champions Train With Technogym: Leonardo Fioravanti

Sports have always been a part of my life, as far back as I can remember. There isn’t a personal memory of mine where sports didn’t play an active and fundamental role for me. I may have not have even started surfing if it weren’t for my older brother, Matteo. He is seven years older than me and was my hero growing up. I always wanted to follow him around and do everything that he and his friends were doing. He was very patient for always bringing me along with him. And my mom was very trusting to let me go. That’s how I started following my dream and riding the first waves of my life”.

Leonardo Fioravanti, born in Rome but a true World Citizen, a perfect representative of his sport. Listening to him, it’s impossible not to be pulled in by his words, by his story telling, which tell the comprehensive tale of a boy turned man while surfing the ocean, wave after wave.

There’s a special connection between me and the Ocean, a dialogue between old friends, who understand one another on a deep level, no translation needed. I spend more time in the water than I do on solid ground, and that’s what creates a relationship with the element. It’s an element that accepts all of you, because in surfing you lose more than you win and the waves know that.” For those who discover surfing within them, their path is anything but linear. It’s a sport, like all the others, that requires sacrifice and hard work; but unlike any other sport, it forces you into a nomadic life, roaming from continent to continent in search of the perfect wave.

Surfing is a journey that begins early, before adolescence even, and which inevitably comes with setbacks, as is expected when you challenge the elements. Leonardo was put to the test in 2015, when an injury to his vertebrae sidelined him for over 7 months: “The hardest part of my career was when I broke my vertebrae. It was a scary accident, afterward I was even scared that I wouldn’t come back as good as I was before. But at the end of my journey, when I look back, I don’t want to have any remorse or regrets, and that’s why I worked as hard as ever to take back everything that fate had, for a moment, seemed to have taken away from me.”
Leonardo reclaimed everything, and more, winning the Under-18 world title at his very first competition back from his injury. A man of firsts, he then went even further, becoming the first ever Italian to qualify for the World Surf League in 2017, in a rise to success that made him a symbol of the entire Italian movement. The Tokyo 2020 Games in Japan are in Fioravanti’s near future, where the surfer will make his first Olympic debut and bring the Roman champion full circle: “I always watched every edition of the Olympics, and every sport in each edition, impressed by their beauty. To see the look on the faces of all the athletes who reach their goals after four years of struggles and hard work was always an enormous source of inspiration to me. If I combine that kind of fire and passion with the love for my sport, which wakes me up and gets me out of bed with a smile every morning, itching to get to the ocean, it creates an explosive mix that best describes my life today.”
Surfing star Leonardo Fioravanti reached success by riding waves, but his victories over the years are the result of dedication, training, and continuous improvement.
In fact, athletic training plays a fundamental role in performance in the water, which is why the surfer spends a large amount of his time training, for which he chooses Skillmill.

Discover Skillmill

Skillmill is the perfect way to train like a professional and achieve champion performance. This innovative treadmill was designed to train all of your body’s energy systems in one unique solution, allowing you to practice sprinting and to develop your power, improving your metabolic condition.
On Skillmill, you set the pace: With the non-motorised belt, you speed up by moving to the front and slow down by moving to the back.
Furthermore, the dual handlebar allows you to train with proper posture, maximising muscle activation and workout variety.
Skillmill is the Technogym product that enables you to train all of your athletic abilities and the skills specifically required for surfing, such as strength, endurance, and power: The combination of Multidrive Technology with the dual handlebar and the 11-level magnetic resistance guarantee a complete workout with excellent results.
Furthermore, your key workout data are always at hand on the on-board console, allowing you to monitor your performance and progress.

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