Champions Train With Technogym: Letizia Paternoster

“What made me fall in love with cycling is definitely the sense of freedom you feel in the saddle as soon as you get on the bike. It is all yours, ready to respond at your command and will. You use your legs, your muscles and even your mind. And you can literally go anywhere and do what you want. It is the purest expression of freedom one can possess.”

And Letizia Paternoster is a pure concentrate of this energy. Every time she talks about childhood memories starting out as a  cyclist, her eyes become bright and animated as if she is actually reliving all those emotions once again.

Her passion for cycling was born spontaneously, yet some say she pedaled before she could walk. But it was during her adolescence that Letizia was able to lay down the real foundations for a career path as a professional cyclist. Finding the right stimuli to break through the wall of fatigue has been key in building towards her magnificent athletic journey. “I managed my wall of fatigue in a completely natural way. When you go from doing just a few workouts a week as a pastime to long grueling sessions that going pro requires, the risks are many. You experience a lot of doubts, the fatigue weighs double and you can no longer afford to leave anything to chance. But if you’ve got real passion to dream big, you get up every morning with that desire to accomplish something more from the day before, work even harder and really push yourself. It becomes a part of you.”

After all the sacrifices, the results started to arrive for Letizia, giving her both strength and encouragement to build a long-term vision. That desire to wear a cycling jersey becomes real fuel both mentally and for the legs, capable of grinding kilometers into dreams that adhere to the  belief that with the right means anything and everything is possible. “When I put on my first rainbow jersey, I realized that I was wearing something really significant and  that my talent was actually worth something and could take me far. Wearing that jersey, I realized I had something to offer in this world. From that moment on, I put my head down and  went to work, always striving for perfection during every single training session. There is a real study behind it, with numbers and tests that back it up. But overcoming one’s limits is fundamental and it's something I face every day.”
But it’s not enough to just compete against one’s limits and share a burning desire for success. On the horizon for Letizia Paternoster are the glorious Olympic Games, where only the best of the best gather to participate on a  world class stage. This ancient sporting event moves the masses, has fascinated entire generations and holds the strongest fonts of inspiration. The Games possess an  incredible ability to inspire all athletes even while watching them on a TV screen thousands kilometers away. They have the power to encourage one last important push, which potentially could be a missing link to one’s destiny. “My biggest dream is the Olympic dream, even though I’m a bit superstitious and prefer to say it in a whisper. Perhaps the best Olympic memory I have from past editions was when Elia Viviani won gold in the Omnium at the 2016 Rio Games. It was really emotional for me and my family watching that race from home thousands of miles away and it was definitely a huge source of inspiration. I’ve been fortunate enough to have competed in the Junior Olympics, so I’ve had just a small taste of the ‘big one’. I expect them to be absolutely wonderful, something amazing and great. To describe what I imagine the Games will be like in words is difficult. One has to live it fully to really express their appreciation for the incredible experience.”
Letizia Paternoster has cycling in her blood, garnering her first victory on a bike at the tender age of just six years old. Over the years, she has cultivated a great passion for cycling with so much dedication, sacrifice and, above all, constancy.
Training is a central part of Letizia’s daily routine and essential in order to be in the best physical shape possible and obtain the necessary skills to give it her all in races and cross the finish line ahead of her opponents.
The leading fitness tool for this cyclist’s athletic training is Skillbike.

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Increase strength and endurance while maximizing your efficiency in a new and engaging way: Thanks to the innovative Multidrive Technology, Skillbike allows you to switch from power-based workouts to uphill simulations.
Whether a professional cyclist like Letizia Paternoster or an enthusiast, working with Skillbike, the innovative bike that faithfully reproduces outdoor routes and training methods indoors, makes the most of your sessions even during the months when weather road conditions don’t facilitate outdoor cycling.

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