Champions Train With Technogym: Elia Viviani

“I discovered my talent year after year, I never thought that I was a champion or that I was born a champion, I believe that I have always built my career upon my results. I obviously had many doubts in the beginning, like everybody else. I didn’t know whether I should continue with soccer or fully dedicate myself to the bike, and in the end, what really made the difference was knowing that in cycling everything would depend on me. Results, awards, failures, it was all in my hands. Year after year, sacrifice after sacrifice, you move from the local to regional level, then to the national level, and you know that you are moving in the right direction.”

The parable of Elia Viviani, the Italian cycling star - both on the road and on the track - began many years ago: when the two wheels entered his life with vehemence, he was forced to choose between the bike and soccer. Lucky for us, and for him, the draw of individual sport won over, which gave young Elia the unique position of being the only one responsible for his own success.

A rapid climb to success is testament to his extraordinary talent, which step by step, allowed him to rise from regional races to reaching for his greatest dream - the Olympics. First as an ordinary fan, then as a disappointed enthusiast, and finally as a modern-day Dioscurus: “My first Olympic memory is of Bettini in Athens 2004, because that one in line is always the first race of the program and he had an extraordinary victory. Then it was my time to shine, especially after the disappointment of the London 2012 event; I arrived to the Rio Olympics knowing the importance of that moment.  I have a great memory of that race, of the gold in Brazil. Every detail, down to the smallest, is completely clear. It’s how I relive it over again each time. They were the greatest days of my life.”

You can sense the greatness in Viviani’s voice and in his ability to recount his biggest challenges as calmly as ever, and what makes him feel fortunate, even at the top of the world. An adult with the desires of a boy, who turned his own passion into a beautiful profession: “There is a line that you cross once you become a professional, and you understand that your passion becomes your job, and you feel fortunate. That’s the truth: to do what you love every day is a privilege. It’s not always easy to realize it, but when you do, it will change your view. I think of how significant my Rio medal was, for my fellow colleagues and for all young people: I am happy to carry the weight of those emotions. It’s important to live it all with a rightful sense of responsibility, and always remaining faithful to yourself.”
And it’s precisely by exploring his unique and high moral qualities, that our Olympic movement choice has fallen upon Elia, appointed with the responsibility of flag bearer at the next Tokyo Games. A moment that he had dreamed and imagined, but kept hidden as something that was too good to be true: “Discovering that I was officially chosen as Italy’s Olympic flag bearer was strange, because I was on the bike at the Giro d’Italia, and I chose not to get my hopes up until the very end. Even though I knew there was a possibility, and even though I had heard rumours in the news, I pretended not to believe it until they told me. Because only a month out from the Games, the disappointment of believing it and then losing the opportunity would have been terrible. Then they told me and it was just amazing. I am just now starting to imagine the moment, the emotions that I will feel. But I can only know what it’s like by actually living it in real life.”
Elia Viviani, gold medallist in the omnium at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, shows all of his tenacity when he flies by in the saddle.
His medals, collected throughout his rising career, are the result of hard work and thoroughly researched and designed athletic preparation.
Elia Viviani’s alarm clock rings around 8:00, then around 9:30/10:00 his training begins, which ranges from 3, 4, or 5 hours, depending on the type of preparation during that period. A typical week, however, calls for a span of 3 work days followed by a day of rest.
For his training, the cyclist chooses Skillbike.

Discover Skillbike

Skillbike is a revolutionary bicycle that allows you to experience the emotions and challenges of a ride on the road within the comfort of the indoors.
This exclusive Technogym bike is the perfect solution for triathletes, enthusiasts or professional cyclists like Elia Viviani, who focus their training on power and endurance development. In fact, Skillbike gives you access to real power-based training routines, as well as workouts that simulate uphill climbs, to boost your strength and endurance in a new, effective, and engaging way.
Additionally, Skillbike is the first indoor bike equipped with a real gear shift: The Real Gear Shift patent allows for the rider to simulate the dynamics of a climb, recreating all the sensations of cycling on the road. By shifting through the gears, you can tackle the various inclines at your desired effort level, maintaining your selected power and cadence parameters.
With Skillbike you can pedal just like a racing bike: the patented Skillbike Riding Design reproduces the biomechanics of outdoor bikes. The frame and handlebar are shaped to adapt perfectly to different riding and grip positions: road bikes, time-trial bikes and mountain bikes.
In addition, the innovative Road Effect system simulates the sensation of pedalling outdoors, as well as identifying your riding style and performance parameters.

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