The 7 Best Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss at Home

Looking to lose weight? How about you start by shopping for the best exercise equipment to lose weight at home. Every step of your fitness journey, you can achieve excellent results faster if you use the right equipment.

Here are 7 machines to make you lose weight much faster at home:

1. Treadmill
2. Exercise Bike
3. Elliptical
4. Rower
5. Multifunctional Bench
6. Stair Climber
7. Tools

1. Treadmill

First up and probably the best among intensive exercise machines is the treadmill. It gives you a full-body workout, with the amount of calories you burn on a treadmill depending on your weight and how hard you work out. Roughly, you can burn from 500 to 1,000 calories per hour.

Unlike outdoor running, a treadmill is much safer, convenient, and private. Most treadmills, such as Run Personal, have an outdoor simulation feature, which simulates outdoor sceneries on the machine. Plus, these fitness tools are also full of many entertainment choices. You can watch TV and Netflix shows as you exercise to make the best use of your time.

Treadmills for home gyms come in different varieties. This means you can choose depending on your budget or needs. For instance, some treadmills have inclinations while others don’t. Those with inclinations increase workout intensity and burn even more calories.

Cardio training with a treadmill for weight loss.

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2. Exercise Bike

For an average person, a stationary exercise bike can burn over 500 calories per hour. Just like the treadmill, an exercise bike is safer than riding a real bike on the road. It’s not affected by traffic, bad weather, and poor roads.

Exercise bikes for home help to work out the lower body, but they’re also great for cardio. You can use them for interval training, which is considered more effective for weight loss. Interval training involves riding with high intensity for a few minutes or seconds, followed by less intensive riding which helps you recover.

While choosing an exercise bike, there are multiple factors to consider. Some bikes, such as the Recline Personal and Artis Recline, are designed for maximum comfort. Skillbike, on the other hand, is designed with a shift gear just like a real mountain bike. Each bike gives you a slightly different experience. One thing all these bikes have in common is adjustable resistance, making them ideal for beginners and experts.

Burn 500 carories per hour with an exercise bike.

3. Elliptical

An elliptical machine works out both the upper and the lower body, burning around 500 calories an hour. Even so, you can burn more calories if you increase resistance. The best thing about ellipticals is that they allow you to run with minimal impact on your joints. This trait makes them ideal for people with joint problems and injuries.

Technogym provides a wide variety of ellipticals for home. One of them is Cross Personal. This is an ideal elliptical for home since it runs silently and has more pleasing aesthetics. Artis Vario, on the other hand, allows you to make vertical strides and adjust the length of strides according to your needs.

Lose weight without stressing your joints with an elliptical machine.

4. Rower

Rowers are designed to provide rowing skills for watercraft. They’re a good alternative to treadmills and ellipticals since they provide a full-body workout and burn nearly the same amount of calories. Best of all, they’re low-impact machines, meaning they don’t exert a lot of stress on the joints.

In addition to losing weight, rowers are ideal for strength and cardio training. Skillrow, which is Technogym’s rower, is more comfortable to use and has adjustable resistance. Try increasing its resistance and you’ll burn more calories.

Get a full-body workout with a rower.

5. Multifunctional Bench

A multifunctional bench facilitates a variety of exercises. You can use it to do chest presses with dumbbells, crunches, step-ups, incline pushups, elastic bands workouts, and many other exercises. Due to their diversity, multifunctional benches provide a full-body workout and burn more calories.

Technogym Bench comes with weighted knuckles, three pairs of resistance bands each with different resistance levels, five pairs of hexagonal dumbbells, and a training mat. All these tools are stored inside the small multifunctional bench.

Multifunctional benches offer a wide variety of exercises.

6. Stair Climber

Climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator has often been recommended as a good exercise. Stair climber machines provide the feeling that you’re climbing real stairs. With this machine, you can climb stairs safely and longer to maximize the benefits.

Unlike the treadmill, Artis Climb allows you to do various exercises, such as jumps, lunges, single foot push, side hop, among others. Therefore, you can style up your workouts and burn more calories in the process.

Style up your workout and burn calories with a stair climber.

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7. Small Multifunctional Tools

Other than the sophisticated weight loss machines, you can also lose weight using simple tools, such as elastic bands, a wellness ball, and jump ropes.

Elastic bands help you do various exercises such as squats, shoulder press, and deadlift rows. Depending on how you use them, you can work out almost any muscle in your body. You can always burn more calories by using elastic bands with higher resistance.

Wellness balls add versatility to your routines, meaning you never get bored while practicing with a Wellness Ball. You can do many exercises, including walkouts, plank steps, and crunches.

Jump ropes are also highly effective for weight loss. Notably, they’re favorably priced and yield excellent results.

Tips to Lose Weight Faster

Having the best exercise equipment for home for weight loss is not enough. You have to be consistent and take the right diet to make the exercise effective.

Most tools and machines work specific muscles more than others. Hence, using more than one piece of equipment can help work out more muscles and lose weight faster.

If you’re starting out, start by choosing the equipment that appeals most to you. Remember, losing weight requires hard work. Be prepared to go the extra mile.

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