Pure Hack Squat: the past meets the present

A new gem is about to become part of the strength collection ‘Made in Technogym’. A tool that takes shape - or rather – that is re-born from the very roots of the company. A tool that marked the beginning of one of the most fascinating entrepreneurial stories in Italy, those that become extraordinary realities.

It was the beginning of the 1980s, when history of fitness was made in the gyms of Los Angeles, New York, San Diego and San Francisco. Italy had many sectors of excellence envied by the rest of the world (art, tourism, cars, fashion, design, furniture...) and fitness was not part of them. When Technogym and the vision of Nerio Alessandri debuted in 1983, it was immediately clear that this piece of equipment, born as in other prodigious stories inside his garage, would be the beginning of a revolution: the gym equipment was baptized with the name of Hack Squat.

Two words that became a synthesis of technology and beauty, functionality and efficiency, craftsmanship and precision, creativity and design. And if it is true that to be successful revolutions must start from the bottom, the end users immediately realized that training with Hack Squat was special. This was not the usual "iron machine", but there was much more to it. In short, there was the essence of Italian genius.

Technogym's mission was not to help shape bodies to become caricatures, with muscles on the verge of exploding (a trend in those years), but to create a new awareness of one's own body, thanks to the use of innovative tools based on scientific research, with a distinctive design and equipped with cutting-edge technology. These elements together led the revolution in the name of Wellness by promoting a balanced mix of physical activity, positive mental approach and healthy eating. A global movement of which Technogym has been the undisputed promoter and leader for decades.

An icon by Technogym

Today the beginning of this story is projected into the future thank to the iconic Hack Squat, now back as the protagonist of the Pure line in gyms all over the world. Pure represents the most successful result of the extraordinary experience gained by Technogym as Official Supplier of eight consecutive Olympic Games and as the trusted partner for the preparation of the most important athletes from various sports disciplines.

Pure Hack Squat - this is its renewed name - is certainly the most symbolic tool of the 5 dedicated to B-side training, one of the points with the highest expectations of all those who wish to improve their body. Especially for them, the new Glute Builder Training circuit is now introduced; designed to build up the loyalty of club and gym users through a highly effective program that strengthens, improves and shapes the entire lower body. In addition to Hack Squat, the circuit is composed of: Hip Thrust, Standing Abductor, Standing Leg Curl and Rear Kick, all of which together can guarantee an endless mix of timeless exercises.

Built according to the most advanced standards of biomechanics, ergonomics, durability and safety, Pure is the most innovative plate loaded line in the sector and now includes five new products - of which Pure Hack Squat is the most significant - for a total of 20 elements. It is important to note that these tools bear the fundamental signature of Technogym's Scientific Research Centre: many subjects with different physical characteristics have been tested here, to guarantee a workload that is evenly distributed along the entire movement trajectory and produces the best possible training experience. The objective - which allows no compromises - is to convey to the user the awareness of training in perfect balance between natural movement, safety and maximum muscle activation.

For a product to become an icon, unique elements are necessary to make it recognizable and emblematic over time. For this reason, today as in 1983, we can say that Pure Hack Squat contains in its DNA a set of characteristics that will also project it into the history of Technogym's future.

Among the technical features, we should highlight the extra-large platform and the emergency handle with automatic stop, which allow to perform in complete safety different types of squats, squat jumps and lunges, both bipodalic and monopodalic. The most demanding users can use up to 400 kg maximum load and exploit the optional elastic bands, both in loading and unloading, to perfectly adjust the resistance profile. Like all the equipment in the Pure line, Hack Squat is fully integrated into the Technogym digital wellness ecosystem, the first and only integrated platform capable of bringing wellness content and training programs to any smart equipment produced by the company, as well as to your personal devices - whether smartphones, tablets, smart TVs or PCs.

All this is achieved simply by downloading the mywellness app: in this way, users can watch exercise videos, check their training programs and manually add exercises, keeping track of all the activities performed. Every single tool in the Pure line is also equipped with a QR code that allows users to scan and get an immediate guide to use.
All the successes in the history of Technogym have represented a continuous stimulus to achieve new ones. Today Technogym is one of the most admired ‘Made in Italy’ companies in the world and its early beginnings are once again projecting themselves into the future.

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