Why indoor training is fundamental for a professional football player

I think that knowing how to move is more important than being able to move so much weight and this let me understand also how much I can ask my body when training, I am aware of myself and my muscles. In the past, I often encountered muscular problems because I couldn't handle myself, I didn't know when I could push to the maximum and when to rest.
Penalty kick
Good athletic training is the basis for preventing injuries of a professional footballer during the sports season. Many competitions and the high levels of training can have a negative effect on performance: with the evolution of scientific knowledge, training methods have also changed. ANDREA SCHIAVONE
Functional training improves physical condition and has made possible to solve many chronic physical problems, such as back pain or ischiocrural muscles problems: these are some of the benefits obtained by Andrea Schiavone, a midfielder in Bari and raised in the youth teams of Juventus. Schiavone was able to appreciate great improvements by changing training methods and working with Technogym equipment.
Allenamento di gruppo con Skillmill HIIT
Schiavone was able to enjoy greater joint mobility with the consequence of having fewer problems related to muscle shortening of ischiocrurals, which he has often suffered from.

As time went by, I had fewer and fewer back problems, which often cluttered me during periods of many close matches.

In fact, already in the Juventus youth teams, many of the strength work proposed to the team was focused on the use of free weights and exercises involving the different kinetic chains of the body. With the passing of time and the evolution of knowledge related to the methods of training, this type of method has been always been more present and used.

Kinesis and functional training for football

It is possible to prevent problems with the right warm up routines. Andrea has been able to work effectively and safely on stretching, using elastic bands or with specific equipment such as the Kinesis line. Before training, I usually alternate between small specific warm-up routines in the gym: I always start with postures to do on the ground or on the Flexability Posterior, which I love, for about 3-5 minutes.

Then I alternate core exercises with more specific exercises for the lower limbs using elastic bands or with Kinesis. I like using Kinesis One, which allows me to perform several exercises, both static and dynamic, that involve the whole body and also improve my stability.

Andrea Schiavone trains using Technogym equipment in the teams in which he has played and, thanks to his personal trainer he approached in a specific way both the functional line and Skill Line, designed for the training of athletes like Andrea.

Skillmill group Training is possible thanks to the exercises casted on the screen
I didn't know this line before and I didn't think that their use could be so specific for a sport like football. Besides helping in being effective, training with Omnia and Kinesis One is also very fun, says Schiavone, enthusiastic about the possibilities of functional training with Technogym equipment. Creating circuit training routines with your teammates makes the training less cumbersome and more appealing than the old methods in which the series alternated with pauses. 

The functional line is valid for any sport. Depending on the tools chosen in the circuit and their use, you can create an infinite number of specific exercises.

The training potential of Skill Line equipment

Andrea Schiavone dedicates a separate chapter to Skillmill and Skillrun, an equipment that he appreciates so much for its innovative design, different from everything he had seen, as well as for the possibilities of improvement that it offers at a sports level.

I fell in love with these two products. The first few minutes I had to get to know them since I had never been on a non-motorized treadmill and the fact that I was the manufacturer of the movement seemed strange to me, then I enjoyed working with them.

Teammates after a goal
Skill Line is ideal as sports trainer for most of the equipment available on the market. With Skill Line you can train the 4 basic pillars of sports activity (power, resistance, speed and agility). I was training with intermittent races on Skillmill and I used the possible resistance with Multidrive Technology, alternating running exercises with other where I would push against resistance, simulating the thrust of the sledge in the playing field.

The value of the data immediately available to the monitor

Again, having data on which to work pushed me to achieve better and better results by creating a kind of competition with myself, making the training less challenging than it really was. I am convinced that the mental aspect is important even during physical efforts, if I do what I do willingly and with enthusiasm the perceived fatigue will be less and the quality of training itself will be greater.
Skillmill retro running
Andrea Schiavone was amazed by the amount of data available on Skillrun's screen. I didn't think you could get such direct and immediate data about the quality of the ride. In addition to using it as a normal treadmill, I tried endurance training, both on sleds and parachutes. What do I think? Well, besides to the effort, I have to say fantastic.

Working for kinetic chains and using free weights or elastic resistances has made me more aware of my body and so I have also had fewer problems at the muscular level.

Thanks to functional training it is possible to have a better perception of the body during movement.

I think that one day, once I'm fully recovered, I'll definitely want to set up a training area at home. What would I like in it? Skillmill and Kinesis One, some handlebars and some small tools and finally the Flexability Posterior whre I can relax after training.

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