The Nove Colli at full speed

The pedals are about to move, the start of the Nove Colli (Nine Hills) and as always thousands of cyclists, professionals and enthusiasts, gather to meet along 210 km of roads in Romagna. Rivoschio, Ciola, Barbotto, Tiffi, Perticara, Pugliano, Siepi, Gorolo, there are nine hills on which the participants pedal and, like every year. It is precisely the morphology of the territory in which the Granfondo Romagnola takes place that makes the challenge unique, characterised for the most part by ascents that reach gradients of 18% (Monte Borbotto ndr).

Nove Colli: a sprint turns on the race

However, hill climbings are not the only things the Nove Colli is about, for the race also flares up in speed. The 2019 edition sees Technogym as the protagonist, with a speed challenge within the most historic cycling competition in the Romagna region. In fact, The Nove Colli Committee will also the fastest male and female cyclists on a sprint competition. Times will be measured on the stretch of road in front of the Technogym Village. The challenge, labelled Technogym Sprint, is located 13 km from the start, where cyclists can unleash their power and reach their top speed. This action is favoured by the type of route previously tackled, which includes 2 or 3 km straight and facilitates the increase in speed. Technogym is ready to be at the side of the most historic competition in the area.

How to prepare for the sprint during training

To prepare for a 2 km segment in speed, training sessions of a total of 2 hours are suggested, structured as follows:

  • Large 20-minute warm-up
  • 4 * 10 minutes with 3 minutes 120-130% ftp and 7 minutes recovery and 4 * 10 minutes with 2 minutes 120-130% ftp and 8 minutes recovery
  • Cool down 20 minutes

In general, it is recommended to work above the threshold to make simulations of 2 km.

How to manage the sprint in the race

The best way to deal with a sprint in the race is to take advantage of the trails created by the trains of their teammates and better manage the pace to maintain. In a two-kilometre sprint, the average speed of a train can be as high as 55 km/h, while a single cyclist can maintain a speed of around 50 km/h, so taking advantage of the trains is very important if you want to win this type of competition.

Improve performance with MYCYCLING

Technogym is well aware of the passion and commitment necessary for the physical preparation of a cyclist: a symbiosis is created between man and bicycle that goes beyond all limits. Technogym's MYCYCLING allows you to do your training at home, without sacrificing the emotions of cycling on the road.
MYCYCLING is a high-tech smart trainer equipped with the Mycycling app - a dedicated app with personalised programs - and a network of professional coaches able to follow athletes step by step and develop a program tailored to them.

The revolutionary product for indoor cycling also includes a completely innovative specific training system: TNT (Technogym Neuromuscular Training), which allows cyclists to improve all the qualities they need on the road to train like a real professional when training indoors.

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