The Hospital Clínic de Barcelona chooses Technogym and its high quality products

Technogym provided the most effective fitness solutions in order to prepare patients and optimize their physical condition for surgery, reducing postoperative complications

For over 35 years, Technogym's guiding philosophy has maintained that the greater the number of people living in a situation of psychophysical wellbeing, the greater the world will be.
The company has always been committed to research and innovation with the aim of helping people to live better, promoting the importance of physical exercise as an active form of disease prevention and treatment, using design and production criteria approved by certified bodies.
In fact, scientific evidence has shown that physical exercise is currently the most effective way of actively preventing and fighting numerous diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular and chronic respiratory diseases.
Technogym’s Scientific Research Department analyses the findings from the latest scientific research in medicine, physiology and biomechanics to develop the most advanced solutions in terms of science, design and technology. Thousands of medical centres today leverage the impeccable biomechanics of Technogym solutions to deliver movement in the safest way, ensuring patients can heal properly and preventing many common diseases.
Among the many medical centers, also the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona has chosen Technogym to offer its patients the best quality products that optimize their physical condition for surgery, reducing postoperative complications.
With over 100 years of history, Hospital Clínic is a leading public healthcare provider in the city of Barcelona, Catalonia and the world, clearly committed to excellence in its three main areas of action: healthcare, research and teaching.
The Clínic is a community hospital for its area of influence, Barcelona Esquerra, with a population of 540,000 inhabitants and, at the same time, operates as a care facility for highly complex cases.

Healthcare innovation processes are developed in order to find new methodologies, and constant changes are implemented so as to achieve increasingly efficient results to benefit people. Among the various healthcare innovation processes, the Hospital Clínic implemented a Prehabilitation program, which is a multidisciplinary program that aims to prepare patients and optimize their physical condition for surgery, so they are able to face it in a stronger state, and this helps doctors reduce postoperative complications.
In particular, the program implemented by the clinic is called “trimodal prehabilitation” due to its three fundamental pillars: it is based on physical training and promotion of physical activity, which doctors do inside and outside the hospital, nutritional support, which is subject to the patient’s health status and the type of surgery performed, and emotional support through mindfulness therapy, which aims to equip the patient with strategies to better cope the stress of surgery and the disease itself.

Excite Bike Med
The physical training pillar includes ambulatory exercise training sessions with two main components: high-intensity endurance exercise training and strength muscular training, both performed with Technogym solutions.
For high-intensity endurance exercise training, Technogym provided Excite Bike Med, a cardiovascular ergometer that allows training and testing, and can be connected to external measuring devices such as ECGs. Tactile numbers on the seat settings and controls enable visually impaired users to easily adjust settings and change exercise intensity.
Exercise Bike Med is part of the Excite Med Line, which consists of professional cardiovascular products with 93/42/EEC medical certification suitable for gyms, hospitals or rehabilitation centres. Thanks to its special features, Excite Med equipment can be used safely and effectively by people with permanent or temporary disabilities.

On the other side, for strength muscular training Technogym provided Plurima Multistation Wall, the versatile, modular training station, available in multiple configurations, which allows complete body training for both muscular toning and strength improvement. Easy to use, sleek by design and highly compact, Plurima is suited to all kinds of environments, even with limited space. This high-end product is the only multiple training station enabling a large number of exercises: 150 to be performed in a limited space - just 6.5 square metres which includes 18 strength machines.

Plurima Station Wall
I came to the Clínical Hospital because I needed stomach surgery”, explained a patient. “In the clinic’s rehabilitation program they made me walk, they taught me to breathe, they made me lose weight. Later they taught me how to eat, they made me stronger and I also received mental support by psychologists. Now I feel great. It is like nothing happened. I eat all kind of foods. It’s like I never had an operation”.

Technogym provides complete solutions for managing the therapeutic continuum that allows the operator to develop, test and apply to their patients personalised therapy programmes and protocols based on the evidence found.
Its wide range of certified products, the experience it has gained during the development of its programmes and solutions and its leadership in the field of exercise-therapy, make the company an ideal partner for the medical sector. In particular, Technogym is able to support the work of operators at every phase, from prevention to rehabilitation, assessment and the creation of protocols.

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