Campisi Clinic in Genoa chooses Technogym Biocircuit for the rehabilitation of its patients

The medical facility of excellence has chosen Technogym to offer its patients the most innovative products for the treatment of lymphedema 

Campisi Clinic has decided to rely on Technogym to offer its patients the best quality solutions for the treatment of lymphedema, a long-term chronic condition that causes swelling in the body’s tissues.

Located in Genoa, Campisi Clinic is a medical facility of excellence founded by Corradino Campisi, current head of cosmetic surgery, and run together with Corrado Campisi, current head of plastic surgery, with the aim of creating a dedicated and specific working protocol for patients with this type of disease.
That’s why they decided to turn to Technogym, who provides complete solutions for managing the therapeutic continuum that allows the operator to develop, test and apply to their patients personalised therapy programmes and protocols based on the evidence found.

Technogym is equipped to meet the specific needs and requirements of the medical sector thanks to the Total Wellness solution, which deals with all issues relating to the provision of wellness solutions.
For this reason, the company is the ideal partner for all centres offering health services, such as medical centres, hospitals and clinics, rehabilitation centres, homes for the elderly and sports centres.

Technogym solutions at Campisi Clinic

Among the many solutions to combine physical exercise with the prevention and treatment of physical diseases, Biocircuit is particularly suitable for Campisi Clinic because, thanks to digital technology, it allows each patient to perform exactly the type of exercise prescribed.
The guided program delivers an engaging experience that requires no adjustments or wait time, since exercises, workload, work/rest ratio and pace have been defined and integrated into personalized programs.
With Biocircuit, the clinician can dose both the mode and intensity of the load extremely precisely thanks to a load generation system called Biodrive.

The elements that I like the most and that I most prefer are certainly the ease of use and the automatic system that guides the patient from one product to the next. The second element I like the most is efficiency: from the moment I finish the exercise, the following one is always available and pre-set”, reported a patient of the clinic.

Based on revolutionary aerospace technology, Biodrive is a motor controller that delivers a tailored workout to help users to achieve the best results in a short amount of time. Biodrive is the only system in the market connected with the native software of the circuit; it requires only one login and is totally customizable to the users’ needs.
Biocircuit format includes: equipment with automatic setting after the first user recognition, consoles displaying the program to the users on each machine, flooring hiding cables and guiding users to the next station, Unity Self, a dedicated kiosk, where users start and finish their journey, that keeps all the equipment synchronized and an external screen connected to the kiosk in order to create a more engaging experience.

Biocircuit guides patients in the execution of the movement, also giving them continuous feedback: thanks to the Wellness System, the first wireless Customer Relationship Management Solution to be integrated within state-of-the-art equipment, the workout and the improvements can be evaluated at any time, both by the patient and by the doctor.

Discover Technogym Biocircuit

For over 35 years, Technogym’s Scientific Research Department has been committed to research and innovation with the aim of designing groundbreaking equipment for prevention, rehabilitation and sports medicine applications.
In particular, it analyses the findings from the latest scientific research in medicine, physiology and biomechanics to develop the most advanced solutions in terms of science, design and technology.
The company works with prestigious partners from the worlds of science and academia in the design and development of its products, which undergo in-depth laboratory analysis and tests to verify their technical and scientific functions and ensure correct and safe movements.

Exercise therapy proves to be very effective to prevent and cure many pathologies, thus reducing their social and economic impact on the community at large, on the State and the private citizen.
That’s why, since the beginning, Technogym has designed its equipment for maximum results and minimum impact on the body. Thousands of medical centres today leverage its impeccable biomechanics to deliver movement in the safest way, ensuring patients can heal properly and preventing many common diseases.

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