Improving immunity through working out

People who work out may gain greater immunity, according to recent study findings. The news is exciting. Technogym is at the forefront of these discussions as a Wellness company with the promotion of training physical activity, correct nutrition and a positive mindset at its core. Social distancing measures are still heavily in effect, so healthy active lifestyle choices at home are proving to be paramount. From pro-athlete status to simply being proactive with home fitness, a good work/life balance and training routine could actually help amplify a future vaccine response.

People who work out often moderately tend to catch fewer colds and other viruses than sedentary people, as past research has continuously shown.

More immediately, there have been studies to show if you exercise your arm in the hours before a flu shot, you likely will develop a stronger antibody response than if you rest that arm, a few small studies indicate. An experiment on this phenomenon that was published in January in Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, established that being active actually boasts an immune reaction to the common flu shot. Athletes showed a more pronounced immune response, with presumably better protection against flu infection than the other non-active participants, says Martina Sester, an immunologist at Saarland University and study co-author, in a recent New York Times article. She speculated that the athletes’ immune systems had been strengthened and fine-tuned by the daily physical demands and training, allowing them to respond effectively to the vaccine. Scientists reconfirmed these findings in a second new study published in July in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, with the same data results and immune reactions.
There have been numerous complementary papers on exercise and vaccinations (the Common Cold Study and how the human immune system responds,) and the results seem hopeful and clear: active adults may gain greater immunity from a flu shot than people who are less active. Being in shape is likely to increase protection from vaccination, with recreational athletes fairing far better in flu-vaccine responses than sedentary people.

The takeaway from these recent research findings show that fitness improves immune responses to other vaccines but what is most exciting is that it could potentially be a major key factor with the future COVID-19 shot. The basic principles of vaccine response are probably the same, Martina Sester added in the same New York Times article. Of course, future studies will have to verify that possibility, if and when a COVID-19 vaccine becomes available. We’re seeing great immune responses and fantastic-looking antibodies. We just don’t know the longevity of that response yet, said Mehul Suthar recently, a viral immunologist at Emory University in Atlanta, GA USA.

So now more than ever, the benefits of movement and a healthy lifestyle are not just geared towards the individual: the concept of wellness has become a global social responsibility affecting all of us. Even with future testing required, the overall concept is promising and clear: staying physically active and fit at home could be the key to warding off COVID-19 risks.

As we collectively aim towards better and healthier lifestyle choices, Technogym remains dedicated, working hard to provide the most innovative and world-class home workout equipment that keeps you on track. This edited selection is curtailed towards the individual and personal training goals as well as providing the best on offer to achieve that desired study/work /fitness balance and activities that keep your body moving.

Ensure the correct work-life balance at home

During these COVID-19 times, operating from home can blur professional and personal boundaries. Consciously separate work and home, schedule those activity moments to make sure you're keeping on track. The best time to work out depends on your own personal preferences and performance goals: working out in the morning can help you sleep better and may even lower your blood pressure, if you work out in the afternoon or evening you may be able to lift more weight or run an extra lap on the treadmill.

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