How to fight the middle age spread for women

Thanks to Technogym’s digital fitness advancements and innovative research, there are easy and smart ways to battle the midlife bulge that gauge success by a loss of inches rather than the scale. In a new era of how we approach physical fitness, this personalized offering is engaging, motivating, fun, entertaining and beautifully designed.

It’s not how much weight you carry but where you carry it that matters.  According to recent global medical reports, a widespread phenomenon in middle-aged subjects such as excess fat on the belly could expose - in the long run and in predisposed subjects, such as women post menopause - to some pathologies related to this kind of phenomenon.

According to the American National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey - NHANES of 2019, this phenomenon affects two-thirds of women in the United States between the ages of 40 and 65.  The National Center for Health Statistics of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - CDC also estimates that only 22.9 percent of adults follow recommended guidelines for physical activity. This becomes even truer for women approaching middle age, in part due to the gradual loss of estrogen and changes in metabolism, especially if they carry a disproportionate amount of fat in their midsection.

According to last year’s - NHANES, nearly 2 out of 3 women (in the US) between 40 and 65 were classified as obese.  The American CDC's National Center for Health Statistics also estimates that only 22.9% of adults (in the U.S ) currently meet physical activity recommended guidelines. This gets even more specific for  women approaching midlife to stay at a healthy weight in part due the gradual loss of estrogen and changes in metabolism, especially if they carry a disproportionate amount of fat in their midsection.

To combat this problem, Technogym has shifted the fitness landscape down to the individual level through easy to use and smart technologies. Phy-gital (physical/digital) innovation that is simple, savvy, and (most importantly) geared specifically for the user to train, tone, lose weight and ultimately meet their wellness goals.

Whether it’s through working out in the comforts of your own home, joining an entertaining on-demand class, using the latest smart equipment in the gym, or monitoring your progress through new digital devices or with a personal trainer, Technogym’s got it covered.

This array of beautiful designed, high-quality offerings features some of the latest Technogym high-tech equipment, state of the art Apps and consoles, to fast track healthy lifestyle changes.

So good news! Join in Technogym’s smart fight for personal wellness (and the midlife battle of the bulge) that holistically improves one’s mind, body and soul.

Personal Line: the beauty of Wellness and training

Technogym Personal line, created in collaboration with Antonio Citterio Design Studio, translates 30 years of research and product development into a selection of the most beautiful fitness equipment, exclusive materials, exquisite craftsmanship and engaging workout options.

  • Humancentric: Personal fitness equipment designed ergonomically around the user’s body automatically for the best position.
  • Enjoy your wellness: Personal cardio equipment featuring a special UNITY console with a host of entertainment and training options that ensure a curtailed wellness experience.
  • Exceptional detail: Elegant colors and sleek lines are combined with materials like wood, glass, aluminum, and micro-polished steel resulting in an iconic Made in Italy design that fits every environment and wellbeing.

Bike Personal

The newest addition, Bike Personal is an icon of style. This indoor bike is at the same time a professional bike, equipped with the most innovative training programs and a design object that can be perfectly integrated into any type of furniture. The materials chosen are elegant and refined, such as micro-polished steel and aluminium worked with the best craftsmanship technique.

  • Perfect Fit: Soft-touch handlebars have inbuilt hand sensors to guarantee outstanding riding comfort. Training indoors has never been this exquisite.
  • Personal trainer On Demand: Your own Technogym Coach will guide you. Just choose your workout and start pedalling.

Run Personal

A state-of-the-art treadmill with cutting- edge technology that ensures your pro-training experience is entertaining and fun. Run Personal is the perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and functionality. Highly innovative, created using precious and elegant materials, this treadmill is a design object that can be perfectly integrated into any environment.

Cross Personal

A cross trainer featuring a Technogym Live training platform that flips a normal workout into a multi-sensory experience. A piece of training equipment suitable for everyone from beginners to professional athletes. The elliptical movement is smooth and well-suited for burning calories thanks to the combined movement of upper and lower limbs.

Recline Personal

More than a recumbent bike, this design masterpiece combines excellent pro-gym biomechanics and an entertainment console. Recline Personal represents the perfect combination of high level design and functionality. From an ergonomic point of view, the Recline Personal seat is extremely innovative: both the seat and backrest have been designed in collaboration with Vitra and Antonio Citterio, ensuring that the correct posture is maintained without straining the back muscles.

Kinesis Personal

The ultimate piece of designer home gym equipment for the wellness spaces that helps you rediscover how to improve strength, coordination, flexibility, posture and breathing control. Kinesis Personal goes back to its origins, putting the man at the perfect centre for home and office wellness spaces, helping among other things to rediscover how to improve strength, flexibility and balance. Designed to enable coordinated movements using endurance, Kinesis Personal offers more than 200 exercises in less than a square meter of space, training both body and mind.

Power Personal

The comprehensive functional training kit solution with over 300 exercise programs to choose from. In line with the trend of hi-performance training and athletic preparation, Power Personal is composed of two elements: Bench Personal and Rack Personal.

Bench Personal is the professional adjustable bench designed to perform strengthening and toning exercises, enhanced by a refined design and top quality materials. Rack Personal is the structure for free weight training that combines solidity and robustness with a compact design that allows the support of barbells and discs in all safety and style, thanks to the Smart Lock and Precision Glide systems.

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