Technogym Elliptical: no impact, total body workout

The new home elliptical offers fluid movement, no impact on joints and exclusive access to an incredible variety of on-demand video training sessions led by your favorite trainers 

Looking to train or to get back in shape in the comfort of your home, with the same quality of a professional gym, with a total-body workout that helps you burning more calories in less time? Technogym Elliptical is the ideal solution for everyone - even beginners - thanks to its fluid movement, without impact on the joints, offering an extensive library of on-demand video programs and workouts tailored to your needs and goals. The compact footprint and the ability to close it make it ideal for homes of any size and for any room in the house.

Discover Technogym Elliptical

With Technogym Elliptical you can burn more calories with less perceived effort, thanks to its total-body movement that involves both lower and upper limbs. The movement trajectory, designed thanks to Technogym Research Center experience in the fields of fitness and sport, guarantees effective workouts with maximum glute activation, with minimal impact on the joints.
Essential data always in sight. Place your tablet on Technogym Elliptical to choose from an incredible variety of video on-demand workouts from your favorite trainers and take out of entertainment options.
The console includes all essential data in an intuitive and very visible way during the training session. In addition, to access Technogym Live and its variety of on-demand training programs and videos, place your tablet on the console. Choose between Technogym Sessions, training sessions led by a trainer, virtual workouts in outdoor scenarios surrounded by nature or in the most beautiful cities in the world, training routines dedicated to specific objectives, or Custom Workouts, ranging from classic workouts focusing on goal - time, distance, calories - to more advanced programs such as Hi-Intensity Interval Training.
Technogym Live also offers the possibility to complete your workout with bodyweight strength, functional and yoga exercises. Furthermore, by downloading the Technogym Live Connect app on your Apple Watch you can synchronize your heart rate with Technogym Elliptical and track your exercise on Apple Health.
Technogym Elliptical is the most compact elliptical ever and an ideal solution for any room in the house. It occupies only 1 square meter while in use and 0.5 square meters when closed. The pedals, just 25 centimeters from the ground, ensure easy access for everyone, while the practical Fast Track Control positioned on the central handle allows you to adjust the intensity of exercise with a single touch.

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