Technogym equipment at King4Fit: a high-quality fitness journey in the heart of Finland

The top-level premium gym chooses Technogym to offer its members the best fitness solutions

Located in Kuninkaanmäki, Vantaa, King4Fit is a premium gym which offers its customers a high-quality training experience.
Aino-Kaisa Komulainen, Tony Strömsholm and their spouses, owners of the gym, wanted to build a fitness center that would be different from the average one: in addition to a quality workout, they wanted to create an atmosphere that would bring both a respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and a touch of luxury.
In fact, in addition to a high-end gym, guests are pampered with rowing classes, yoga and other small group lessons as well as virtually guided lessons. As far as the overall look of the structure is concerned, nothing is left to chance, but every detail exudes a luxurious and harmonious atmosphere.
Since the beginning, the goal of the owners was to provide quality services to a smaller customer base. Starting up a premium fitness center required a strong vision and courage to invest in premium solutions: that’s why they decided to rely on Technogym and its premium equipment to offer members the best fitness solutions and a top-quality training experience.

“Technogym's solutions were already familiar to us, so we were already convinced that it was the only right choice for a premium gym. Frankly, we didn’t even consider other options,” explains Tony.

Technogym solutions at King4Fit

The selection of equipment wanted to focus on the best possible performance and versatility, and the choice fell on some of the most advanced Technogym solutions, such as Pure Line, a complete plate-loaded range for your elite training area that represents the most innovative solution in terms of biomechanics, ergonomics and strength. Developed by working with athletes across 8 editions of the Olympic Games and over 35 years of scientific research on human movement, this equipment offers the best strength training experience for maximising sports performance.

Triathletes and endurance athletes were known to be a major customer group for the new center, which is why King4Fit is equipped with some of Technogym’s latest innovations from its athletic performance training range: Skill Linethe line of equipment designed with athletes to achieve top sport performance.
With its innovative technology, Skill Line offers both cardio training and resistance workouts in each piece of equipment to enhance overall power, making this the highest performance collection of fitness products in the world.

Among others, Skill Line includes cutting-edge products such as Skillrun, the first ever treadmill with Multidrive Technology for effective power and cardio conditioning, Skillbike, the indoor cycle that simulates the dynamics of hill climbing, enabling cycling professional and enthusiasts to experience the emotion and challenge of outdoor riding in an indoor environment, and Skillmill, the only non-motorized product that combines power, speed, stamina and agility training.

Not only an exceptional service, but a personalized one as well, thanks to Technogym’s digital Ecosystem: by downloading the Mywellness app, members can view exercise videos, check their training programs and add exercises manually and keep track of all activities. For each of use every equipment if fitted with a QR code that allows users to scan and get immediate guidance.

The rowing studio

In addition to the training area, King4Fit has chosen Technogym also for the creation of a rowing studio, where members can compete against each other and even compete with people from all around the world.
The star product, also part of the Skill Line, is Skillrow, the first indoor rowing equipment designed to improve anaerobic power, aerobic capacity and neuromuscular abilities in one solution.
Skillrow has been designed to provide an unparalleled feeling that simulates the actual act of rowing on water: Aquafeel. Skillrow resistance follows the natural curve of the stroke in the water and with Aquafeel, the resistance is gradual, making the movement fluid and avoiding the backlash effect on the lower back.
The Multidrive Technology enables users to add a further resistance on top of air resistance. This ground-breaking innovation makes it possible for users to change the equipment mode from cardiovascular training to power training by simply adjusting the resistance level. By setting the resistance at low, medium or high, users can perform the rowing movement at various levels of difficulty when executing power exercises.

Discover the Rowing Studio at King4Fit
Thanks to Skillrow and the other high-quality Technogym solutions, King4Fit has been able to create a sense of community within the gym, as well as taking every customer into consideration and provide an individualized service.

Premium Technogym equipment paired with Technogym digital solutions, such as Mywellness - together with meticulously designed facilities that communicate the center’s brand in every detail - create a smooth customer experience with a touch of luxury.

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