Training at home is not always easy; a lack of motivation, lack of knowledge or being short on space can all influence how much we exercise. Bike Forma is an exercise bike that offers a space-saving solution that includes entertainment, heart rate training and professional biomechanics to keep you moving.
What does the bike train? Bike Forma tones the lower part of the body, with targeted and diversified exercises.
Different modes of use allow you to set different goals and intensity. Bike Forma offers three training positions: -Standard -City Bike -Race Train your legs and glutes by following fun and effective programs especially designed for home workouts. All you need to start a cycling program is a smartphone to download the exercises offered by professional trainers. Bike Forma is suitable for professional and home use thanks to its compact size and advanced technology. With a small footprint of only 119cm in length and 60cm in width, finding a place for the bike in your home is easy, and by connecting it with the MYWELLNESS platform, you will be able keep track of your own improvements and progress.


Close-up pedals and three different driving positions ensure a unique riding experience. Home workouts will feel like you are cycling outdoors. Entertainment features provided on the entire Forma Line will also make exercising more enjoyable.
Connecting your tablet or smartphone is simple and immediate, with an optimal view ensured from all training positions. Movies, music playlists, and tutorials are always at hand.


All Technogym products have a two-year warranty. Price will include transport and installation, if available in your area. Simply request this service and time of delivery and we will let you know if it is available.


Proper pedalling involves all the muscles from your legs, from the calves to the glutes. Muscles involved will be different depending on the bike setting selected: city bike, race or standard. Thanks to its world-renowned experience, Technogym can be counted on to produce quality exercise bikes suitable for domestic and professional use. With these products, users are guided on an engaging and conscious wellness path supported by the research studies from a qualified team of experts on the biomechanics of each movement of the equipment.  The result? Technologically advanced and smart products made for your comfort. Discover all Technogym’s Bikes.

Technogym DEC43LQ

Bike Forma

The silent and stable Bike Forma unit is the closest one can get to actually cycling on the road. Use it as a standard bike, city bike or racing bike to tone legs and gluteal muscles in a fun and effective way.
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Inclusive of transport and installation
Technogym offers premium transportation and installation services, with maximum attention to detail. Installation includes the assembly and positioning of the equipment, comprehensive testing, and the final cleaning of the installation area. The services can be booked for the date and time that best suits your schedule.
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