Let’s plant the seed of movement in our communities and nourish it with innovation and passion. Together.

At Technogym, we reshape the present and future of physical activity every day. Bring your energies and work with us for a better world.

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Our Attitude & Values

We embody movement. We race towards performance, champion well-being.

We are passionate, focused on the goal and the result.

The beauty we find in training, we reflect in our smile and style.

Efficient, loyal, and positive: we play as a team, a community of connected innovators.

We are consistent and fast, proud and green.

We are online and offline, indoor and outdoor.

We are Technogym. Let’s move for a better world.

We are the performance, we are Technogym.

Olympic values

Reciprocal and unequivocal respect. Continual pursuit of excellence. Friendship and genuine support. That’s what we believe in.


We have 100% Italian heart and smile, but we are in over 150 countries worldwide. Live wellness in all languages with our international meetings and induction programmes.

First in line

We write the future of training, and we are curious and proud to test our innovative training solutions before everyone else.

Locally active

We created a local network of individuals and organizations committed to promoting the wellness lifestyle in our communities. It’s called the Wellness Valley.

Wellness Programmes Physical activity should be a daily habit. Many of our facilities feed your passion for movement every day at the workplace.
Healthy nutrition Replenish your energies at our restaurants. Fresh, locally sourced ingredients merge into healthy and balanced recipes, offering different types of menus every day.
Wellness education Improve your awareness of healthy practices with our extensive schedule of meetings and seminars, ranging from the benefits of a conscious nutrition to the prevention of common diseases.
Our Headquarters Beautifully designed according to environmental principles, and lying just a few kilometres from Romagna’s charming seaside, our T-Village embodies the concept of Wellness.
Monitor your health consistently with our medical check-up programs.