Financial Services

We develop customized financing solutions and high-quality proposals to help our customers reach their business objectives.

Customized, reliable financing

Our leadership and experience in the wellness sector allows us to offer high-end sales solutions designed to ensure maximum results. We strive to acquire an extensive knowledge about your business needs in order to develop solutions designed to meet your specific requirements.

We can:

•Customize installments based on your business needs
•Offer certainty with pricing – therefore eliminating any unexpected costs
•Provide products and services for your facility quickly and easily
•Offer complete reliability of the Technogym brand and the best International credit network

Complete peace of mind

If eligable, you'll receive fast, secure, and transparent financing thanks to Technogym's collaboration with an international network of prestigious banking and insurance institutions, which operate on both a local and global level. Our financial services offer the best possible credentials, thus guaranteeing that your investment will satisfy all your expectations, while at the same time offering complete peace of mind.

Maintaining investment value

At the end of the equipment's service life, the following calculation can be made: purchase cost + maintenance and operating costs - residual value = total cost of ownership. The resulting figure is almost always advantageous thanks to the exceptional value of Technogym products.