A private wellness corner, a complete gym, a specialized fitness studio. Whatever your project, its challenges will relate specifically to the area in which it is to be installed, and to the people that will use it. We are here to help you.

Design your own gym


Welcome to Technogym Interior Design, a comprehensive hub of resources and tailored services to help you plan the perfect space for physical fitness and mental well-being. Download 2D and 3D models of our equipment and see how they fit into your environment. Seek advice from our team of designers. With thousands of fitness and wellness areas created over the years, you can count on our experience.

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A high quality project solution

We give each individual customer project the same degree of consideration as one of our showrooms. Whether it's a house, a hotel, a gym or a medical center, we take care of every detail of the layout, because the final result represents a showcase of Technogym’s expertise.


technogym interior design for hotels

Elevating a wellness experience even away from home is crucial to improving people’s quality of life.


Hotels, resorts, country clubs, and cruise ships are growingly looking to offer their guests a distinctive wellness journey. Technogym can provide a wide range of tailor-made solutions for each of the final user’s touch points and suiting any space requirement. 

As awareness and education about the importance of a healthy lifestyle continue to increase, residential fitness facilities are becoming one of the most sought-after services by home buyers.

Our solutions are also designed to enhance the residential offers, focusing on eco-friendly products, seamless connectivity and human-centered design: Wellness Prestige, Wellness Premium, High Performance AreaWellness Room, Wellness Suite, Meeting Room, Wellness Lounge, Cruise.


technogym interior design for home gym

The Home Wellness concept has been designed to support your wellbeing and healthy lifestyle.


Our philosophy is to combine good design, attention to detail and the elegance of the product to complement your interior design and create a space that enhances your physical and mental balance.

Home wellness creates the best training and sports experience within the space that’s most dear to us: our home.

Our solutions include: Corner < 8 sqm, Living Space 8 - 20 sqm, Sport Area 20 - 50 sqm, Gym Destination > 50 sqm.


technogym interior design for yacht

Artis line gives character to your wellness on board


The Artis line is the epitome of elegance. No other equipment would be more suitable for the yacht’s wellness centre. Design, technology and sheer style are the key features of this line of equipment that ranges from cardio to functional training.

The yacht’s layout can be enriched with the following products of Technogym: Run Artis, Synchro Artis, Bike Artis and Kinesis Personal Heritage Black, Wellness tools.


technogym interior design for the club

The most effective and customised solutions for fitness clubs all around the world.


Technogym’s club solutions represent the opportunity to offer gym members an outstanding training experience. Much more than just equipment, by means of each of our solutions is a unique and seamlessly connected journey designed around top-of-the-range equipment.

According to their needs we can offer multiple solutions for clubs, which include: Prestige Club, Premium Club, Boutique Club.


technogym interior design for training format



Born of Technogym’s Olympic heritage, the Skillathletic™ training method safely develops the abilities that forge champions, expanding and refining everyone’s potential while leveraging the most advanced technology.

The Skillathletic format is fully focused on sports performance. Every element, be it equipment, flooring, walls or lighting, has been designed in detail to improve the training experience.


technogym interior design for health facilities


For a long time now, we have been promoting Wellness as a way of life, and physical exercise as a means of both prevention and cure.

This is what inspired us to become a Global Partner of the “Exercise is Medicine” initiative. We work to educate people about the important role physical exercise plays in active prevention.

Browse our wide range of certified products. Benefit from our proven experience in developing highly focused programs and solutions. Learn from our expertise in the field of exercise therapy. If you’re looking for a partner, we can help you throughout all stages, from prevention to rehabilitation, assessment and the creation of protocols.

technogym interior design for medical centers


Employees' chronic health conditions cost companies millions of dollars. Our Corporate Wellness Program can considerably reduce costs and increase productivity.

The workplace is an important location for successful prevention strategies.

Using our technology, companies can invest in their employees’ wellness by creating challenges, taking part in social campaigns and rewarding participants who also socialize, grow their network and have fun in the meantime.

It has been demonstrated that people who are fit are better able to deal with stress and are healthier than those with a sedentary lifestyle.

The benefits of a Corporate Wellness Program include:

Improved stress management

Increased cardiovascular capacity

Increased calorie expenditure

Joint flexibility

Functional strength


Over three decades of extensive research and innovation, 7 Olympic Games and partnerships with the world’s leading teams and athletes enable us to offer the safest, most skillfully designed and highest performing solutions to help athletes fulfill their potential.

To ensure your athletes are always in peak condition, Technogym has developed a unique process which incorporates all the activities that are necessary to test, develop and assign personalized programs and protocols for prevention, performance and recovery, and to measure results.