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How to choose the best elliptical trainer for your home

Elliptical trainers are one of the most popular choices for home gym equipment, facilitating a low-impact cardio workout while protecting your joints from damage. There are many options to choose from, ranging from basic machines – that offer a standard aerobic workout – to more sophisticated models for high-intensity exercise.

Depending on your needs, Technogym has the tailor-made solution. From space-saving ellipticals to professional ellipticals; there are many options available.
Our elliptical trainers are based around design, comfort, and technology. Discover our range and find the right elliptical home gym for you.

Synchro Forma: the compact elliptical

Synchro Forma is a professional elliptical bike that allows you to carry out simple but effective cardio exercises.

It guarantees smooth and fluid movements which reduce stress on joints and muscles and it helps prevent injuries to the knees and hips. Synchro Forma is a compact elliptical and has been designed to occupy minimal space while at the same time offering you a range of full body workouts of varying intensity.

Cross Personal: the silent elliptical with programs

Cross Personal is an elliptical bike of exceptional ergonomic design. This silent elliptical machine is equipped with a digital console with different training programs. This allows you to stay focused and connected all the time while exercising. The screen will act as a personal trainer.

In addition, this elliptical is equipped with a built-in speaker. Superior video images and high-quality audio help make the training experience even more interactive and engaging. Choose the program you prefer and dive into an unprecedented training experience.

Many training programs to choose from

All the training programs provided with our products are designed and created by the Technogym Master Trainer Network, a worldwide network of exercise professionals whose aim is to create the very best User Experience for you.
Our training programs for elliptical are simple to follow and aim to guide mentor and support you during your workouts at home.

The performance-enhancing technology of our elliptical trainers guarantees your training success regardless of your fitness goals.

Payment methods: monthly installments available

Payments can be made by bank transfer or credit card and flexible financing solutions with convenient monthly installments are available.
In case of doubts or questions, our customer care team is always available to provide you with a more personalized consultation service.
We take great pride in providing a reliable and simple purchasing process and strive to be as flexible as possible to meet every individual client's needs.

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No hassle: equipment delivered to your door with high-quality installation by our experts (included in the price)

Outstanding after-sales and customer support ensure your equipment is always perfectly operational over time.