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Exercise Bike

Home Exercise Bike: Our Buying Guide

The stationary exercise bike is the most popular piece of fitness equipment for home workouts. Riding it regularly is one of the most efficient and effective ways to burn calories and body fat quickly and to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, while, at the same time, strengthening your lungs, heart and lower body muscles.

Moreover, the stationary exercise bike is the ideal item for people who are not used to sustaining hard, high-intensity workouts, because it provides low-impact workouts with smooth movements that do not put too much pressure on muscles, bones, and joints. That’s why exercise bikes are particularly recommended to people with joint issues or injuries, being an excellent way to train cardiovascular health with little physical risk.

But how do you choose the best exercise bike that suits your needs and body goals? Here are a few tips by Technogym on the latest exercise bike models and options for indoor bike riders.

Interactive exercise bike with screen: ideal for unique workouts

If you want to take indoor cycling to the next level, opt for a smart and interactive exercise bike with a screen. A screen helps tackle the natural boredom that might come with riding indoors and in place, since it allows you to watch movies and TV series, listen to music and surf the web while you’re working out.

Plus, apart from from traditional exercise bikes - which provide manually adjustable resistance, have some basic performance data, and a more upright sitting position - smart bikes offer a wide array of options that can be customized to boost your performance.

A screen gives you the opportunity to attend virtual rides, gather, store and share significant performance data (from heart rate monitoring to workout history) that may otherwise go unnoticed with traditional riding, and have a riding position which mimics that of a road bike, with realistic road-like feel when pedaling.

You can take, for example, the all-inclusive Bike Forma that comes with the Technogym Trainers’ on-demand classes, Technogym Outdoors, and Total Body Workouts. By simply looking at the screen right in front of you, you will enjoy riding along with the energy of our best trainers, entertain yourself with Netflix, YouTube or Social Media, and experience something very close to virtual reality thanks to the Technogym Outdoors, an option that will captivate you with outstanding natural and urban landscapes while you’re riding.

Exercise bike with app: to always keep track of your workouts

Technology has enhanced exercise bike performances also by connecting them to Apps and programs that allow users to keep track of their workout and progressive improvement.

Mywellness, for instance, is the ultimate Technogym fitness App that may be defined as a Connected Wellness Experience. The goal is to help you achieve your sporting, fitness and health goals by keeping track, day after day, of your activities. By downloading the App on your smartphone and connecting it to the bike, you will be able to store each ride on your App and make it part of a personalized workout trajectory outlined just for you by professional personal trainers.

Small exercise bikes for small house

Connectivity and tech options are surely important, but the size of an exercise bike might make a big difference too if you have to make it fit into a small house or apartment.

Technogym’s Bike Personal shows how a small footprint and massive potential can be combined in a single piece of home gym equipment, it being the smallest high-end exercise bike (Length 1170 mm - Width 564 mm - Height 1400 mm) and yet one of the most efficient and rich in performance options and training variety.

Payment methods: monthly installments available

Technogym’ home equipment can be purchased online, at a day and time that suits you. Payments can be made by bank transfer or credit card and flexible financing solutions with convenient monthly installments are available on many products. The online purchase prices are inclusive of tax, transport and installation costs, where applicable.

In case of doubts or questions, you can always contact us, and we will put you in contact with our concierge operators to provide you with a more personalized consultation service.

It is our main goal that the purchase process is reliable and able to meet your satisfaction, and that’s why we always try to be as flexible as possible in order to meet your requirements.

Why buy from us

Official supplier to the latest editions of the Olympics, from Sydney 2000 to Tokyo 2020

Designed in Italy with the utmost care to fit your space and wellness needs

Eager to understand your expectations and consult with you on the right purchase

Offering a comprehensive interior design service to create the perfect wellness area

No hassle: equipment delivered to your door with high-quality installation by our experts (included in the price)

Outstanding after-sales and customer support ensure your equipment is always perfectly operational over time.